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Three years since its establishment, RefillMyBottle has successfully enrolled thousands of businesses in Indonesia, Southeast Asia and around the world to become refill stations - offering conscious travellers an alternative to buying single-use plastic bottles. We need your support to extend this simple solution to more destinations and prevent millions of plastic bottles from ending up in the oceans and landfills. 

RefillMyBottle is an online map that identifies all the places - be it a cafe, resort, museum or shop - where refillers could walk in and fill up their bottle with clean drinkable water for free or a minimum fee. 

We created a community of responsible travellers, conscious locals, and mindful business owners who take action against plastic waste. We offer a simple alternative to buying bottled water and our goal is to reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles used unnecessarily throughout the world. 

Since the initial conception in Bali, RefillMyBottle has grown significantly and refills are now available at over 4,000 refill stations around the world. Neighbouring islands and countries facing the same issue join us in the fight against plastic waste. Local Refill Ambassadors, who know their environments better than anyone, work to establish RefillStations in their own communities and thanks to them, we are constantly expanding everyday in new destinations.

Thanks to your support we achieved great things in 2019!

2020 Highlights So Far...

💧 Total of 4,190 Refill Stations listed on the RefillMyBottle App.

💧 Finalist of Circular Innovation Jam 2020.

💧 Collaborated with local organisations to raise awareness on sustainability, e.g. Composting 101 workshop, #SurplusTalk on IG Live, Water Talk #1, and more.

💧Partnered with international organisations to make refill the new norm.

Where we are now?

The feedback has been great but plastic waste is still increasing at an alarming rate. We need more places to join as Refill Stations in the coming year. With the new RefillMyBottle App, any user is now able to add refill stations to the map! We believe clean water is a human right and  we want to reduce the amount of single used plastic.

We are looking to raise USD10,000 to develop RefillMyBottle further. The fund will be allocated to develop the mobile App further, to build a team globally, as well as marketing & communication.

Join the #REFILLUTION today by donating to our crowdfunding campaign. Every small donation helps!

If your organisation is in a position to fund us, we will be happy to discuss further on how we can support each other. Contact us at iloveto@refillmybottle.com.

Get Involved! 

  • Share with your friends and network about the RefillMyBottle initiative and inspire others to support us.
  • Post on your social media about #refillmybottle #refillution and help spread awareness

Thank you so much for your support and together let’s Reduce, Reuse and REFILL of course!

RefillMyBottle is an initiative of the BGreener community, registered in Singapore and Indonesia under PT Wild Health Indonesia.

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With gratitude,

RefillMyBottle Team

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